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Home of the aquatics, Giethoorn is situated in the nature reserve 'De Wieden', in National Park Weerribben-Wieden. This unique area lies waiting for you to explore by boat. There are special routes for you to follow. The charming village of Giethoorn, with its many canals and typical bridges, has lots to offer. There are boattrips you can join, or you can venture out onto the water by yourself in one of those quiet electric boats. Or would you rather go sailing or punting? Possibilities galore. Canoe or cruiser, you will find it in Giethoorn. Walk into one of those interesting museums, galeries or potteries. See how punts are made. Or have a 'kopje koffie' at one of the many restaurants, inside or outside. B&B Mol/Groenewegen will guide you.

"Pictoresque", "postcard perfect" and "charming" are the first things you think about when you first see Giethoorn, the Netherlands. However, even they can't completely describe the diverse little town in the 'Kop van Overijssel'.
Giethoorn is called the green Venice, with his canal streets of water with his punting boats, arched bridges, thatched roofs, windmills, rich landscaping, history museums, nice gardens, etc.

The first inhabitants of the area arrived in 1230. They found masses of wild goat horns. These were died in a flood. The settlers called their little settlement Geytenhorn, "goat horn" in English and that has become later on "Giethoorn".

The inhabitants started peat digging. This formed the many lakes in the area, through influence of wind and storm. They transported the peat -they sold it for instance in Amsterdam- through the special for that reason constructed canals. These canals are now one of the most interesting features of Giethoorn.

The main canal, the Dorpsgracht, runs right through the middle of the town and was dug entirely by hand. It has several intersecting canals that lead to Lake Bovenwijde. B&B Mol/Groenewegen, is located at the Dorpsgracht, at Binnenpad 28 (take from the main road accessing Giethoorn, Route N334, Middenbuurt and follow the signs with the name 'Mol/Groenewegen' on the tourist information shields). At Binnenpad 28, near the interesting museum and shop of precious stones The Old Earth, you can rent punts -flat bottomed boats- with electric engine (whisper boats), boats to sail, kayaks and Coleman Canadian canoes.

To visit the old village you can't use the car. You can park at a nearby restaurant and after a good cup of coffee with 'appelgebak' you walk to 'Mol/Groenewegen' and make a sight seeing by boat, through the village from about 8 km long!, the lakes and the beautiful nature called 'De Wieden'.

De Wieden is, with over 5400 ha. of water, reed, grassland, hayfields and swapwood, one of the largest areas of 'Natuurmonumenten' (the society for the preservation of nature in The Netherlands). Together with De Weerribben forms it the largest unbroken peat moor area of Western Europe: National Park Weerribben-Wieden. It's inhabited by all kinds of animals: deers, birds as the rare black tern and the bittern, many cormorants and in the read that is cut every year by local reed-cutters you'll find the great reed warbler, sedge warbler, reed pheasant, harrier, etc. You'll also find here beautiful flowers for instance several types of orchids.

During the summer there are pop, rock and roll and blues festivals and the last saturday in August there is always the Gondelvaart, a boat parade.

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